Vivien是Wichita全职房地产经纪人,在Sedgwick和Wichita居住生活将近10年,足迹遍及堪萨斯全境,曾经帮助客户买卖住宅和商业地产的城市有Wichita, Hutchinson, Derby, El Dorado, Sedgwick, Ulysses, Liberal, Valley Center。因为家庭背景与建筑商的联系,从小对房屋建筑有着浓厚的兴趣和喜爱,在中国上海曾经短暂的做过商业地产,加上10年雅芳销售和多年开店的经历,善于聆听,沟通和谈判,以为客户争取到最大利益为服务的目标,是值得信赖的咨询师和房地产经纪人,如果你需要买卖居民住宅,商务楼或者土地,请电话/短信:316-217-2187,WeChat: vivinska1027, email: vivienloyd@gmail.com. 谢谢!

I am a full-time real estate agent.  I have lived in Sedgwick and Wichita for nearly 10 years, and have traveled all over Kansas. I have been helping my clients buying and selling residential and commercial properties in multiple cities, Wichita, Hutchinson, Derby, El Dorado, Ulysses, Sedgwick, Liberal, Valley Center. Because of my family background worked with the builders, I have a strong interest and love for housing construction and architecture/structure since I was a child. I once did commercial real estate briefly in Shanghai, China, plus about 10 years of Avon sales and several years of commercial business owner experiences. I am good at listening, communicating and negotiating and, would love to work for my clients best benefits and be a trusted consultant and real estate agent. If you would need to buy or sell residential houses, commercial buildings or land, please call/sms me@ 316-217-2187, email: vivienloyd@gmail.com, Thanks! 


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Wichita, Valley Center, Sedgwick, Bel Aire, Maize, Hutchinson, Derby, McPherson, Liberal, Ulysses, Manhattan, Kansas City, Andover, El Dorado, Augusta,Ross hill in KS

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First Evangelical Free Church

Wichita Chinese Church

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10/17/2020 - madeleine10299

Vivien patiently showed us a lot of houses. She responded to our questions in a prompt manner. She guided us through this whole process of buying a house. We would be completely lost without her help since we were first home buyers.We finally got a nice house that we like and gained a great friend,  Vivien Loyd.

~Carter's family

 08/12/2020 - 278890331
Vivien took us to see the houses and drove an hour from Wichita. After seeing different types of houses several times, we offered a house for the first time, but the seller did not accept our offer in the end. We looked for a house on the market again.Vivien found a newly listed house in ZILLOW and  sent us the link. We decided to check it the next day. We like this house very much and we will offer it right away. Vivien helped us successfully counter-offer, and finally we got the contract. Her service is attentive and very professional. Our cooperation is very pleasant. We will ask her for help next time we buy an investment house.

~Chen's family

08/17/2019 - rlpatter28
Vivien did a great job at helping me and my wife find our fisrt home. She made a long list of home in the area and price range we were looking for and had a nicely planned route to look at the homes. She worked hard and had everything we needed lined up to get in our new home. Thank you Vivien! 

~Patterson's family